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Hip Hop Dance Teams

The sport of all star dance has grown immensely over the past 10 years. The is due in part to all the television shows such as ABDC, SYTYCD and Americas Got Talent. As the sport developed and grew, more and more athletes and their parents view All Star Dance as a viable activity in and of itself. As stronger and stronger athletes began to recongnize that All Star Dance provided them a way to focus more on teamwork and athletism, the sport began to seperate itself from the traditional stereotypes. Teams and athletes in All-Star Dance now focus on musicality, tricks,turns, leaps and shomanship.

Our Hip Hop Teams will attend severeal cometitions throughtout the year. We will strive to put the best teams and routines together to make an award winning performance. Texas Elite and its incredible staff will always make sure our Hip Hop teams are the best and have a great time along the way!!

Contact the Texas Elite office if you would like more information or to join our Hip Hop Teams!



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